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What Should We Pay Attention to When Using an Inflatable Pool?

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Generally speaking, inflatable or plastic childrens pools and inflatable water slides have a small pool at the bottom. This inflatable pool float swimming pool can bring a lot of fun to the children in summer. But the kids have the potential to drown and the bacteria in the pool might make children sick.


The following mainly explains how to pay close attention to children's conditions in the water and to clean up the pool in time after using the swimming pool or water slide.


Precautions When Using Inflatable Pools


When your child is by or in the inflatable pool, always closely monitor their every move. If you are also on the inflatable sofa for pool, inflatable pool float lounger or inflatable pool float bed in the swimming pool, be careful not to be distracted by videos on your smart phone. Because the drowning of a child brings family a heartbreaking tragedy.


It is best to set up fences or obstacles around inflatable and plastic childrens pools and water slides. These places have no protection against bacteria like swimming pools, inflatable hot tub for sale or water playgrounds. So adding fences around children's pools and water slides is quite necessary.


The reason is that during play, a lot of water will be splashed out, which makes it difficult to add more disinfectant. Without a filter to remove residues, such as skin cells, these impurities will consume the disinfectant needed to kill the bacteria. If there is no disinfectant in the pool or water slide, the bacteria are more likely to spread.


Therefore, the large aeration pool needs to be filtered and disinfected. If you buy a small water inflatable swimming pool, you should filter and disinfect it according to the product instructions to prevent the spread of bacteria. The same principle applies to inflatable toys for kids, inflatable toy castle and inflatable sofa on water.


12-2 flamigo inflatable toy

The Necessity of Cleaning The Swimming Pool or Water Slide


The water in small inflatable pools and water slides should be emptied every day to prevent the spread of bacteria. After the water is emptied, remove all debris, rinse off all dirt with plenty of water, and blow dry the pool.


Patients with skin diseases should not go swimming. The swimming pool is a public place. Therefore, patients suffering from skin diseases such as gonorrhea, tinea pedis, folliculitis and other diseases should not swim in the swimming pool to prevent the spread of germs and at the same time prevent germs from others from worsening their own diseases.


For large inflatable swimming pools, when using it, attention should be paid to avoid the deformation of the inflatable swimming pool due to sun exposure. Therefore, it is worth choosing a good place to use the inflatable swimming pool.


Generally, more additives are added to pvc plastics. Some additives are toxic and can be released into the water. If you can smell the obvious smell, it means that the quality is indeed problematic. It is recommended not to use it for the baby. This point also applies to inflatable sofa for beach and inflatable sofa for garden.


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