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What Should We Pay Attention to when Using Inflatable Toys?

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The inflatable toy is made of high-quality PVC material, which can withstand a pressure of 130 kg. It can also be used as a stool. It is anti-explosive. Even if it ruptures, it will not burst open at once, but will only leak slowly. The safety is excellent. As long as the breath is blown in, it becomes a chubby cute fat horse. It can be easily put away when you are not playing, and it is very easy to clean. The thickened material is durable and resistant to damage. It may be the longest service life of children toys.


During the jumping deer riding process, the baby will adjust his body posture in time to maintain the balance of the center of gravity, which can enhance the activity of the whole body muscles, improve the functional coordination of hands, eyes, and legs, allowing the baby to grasp and jump, so that the body can be fully exercised! The jumping deer, which integrates games and fitness, will accompany your baby through a happy childhood.


Therefore, inflatable animal toys are the best choice for children’s gifts, but you still need to know some precautions when using kids inflatable toys. This article mainly introduces the precautions we should pay attention to when using children inflatable toys.


 55-1-inflatable toy

Using Tips

1. Remove the white cock before inflating, make sure that the cock is inserted correctly and completely after inflating, do not remove the cock when using it.


2. When a child rides a children's jumping animal series inflatable toy, an adult must take care of him.


3. At a certain time, the expansion of children's jumping animal series inflatable toys will gradually shrink. Before continuing to play, be sure to re-inflate and reach saturation.


4. Before playing the inflatable toy animals, make sure that there are no sharp objects or objects around or on the ground.


5. Children's jumping horse fitness toys are suitable for a child to play. It is dangerous for two children to play together, so it is not recommended for two children to play together.


6. When riding a children's jumping horse and jumping horse inflatable toy, two small hands must hold its two ears. It is very dangerous to stand on the toy or not grasp the ears, and we do not recommend it.


7. Avoid playing on uneven ground, steps or stairs. Do not play in places with fire or near electric heaters.


8. Don't use the children's jumping animal series inflatable toys as some kind of tool, it is just for playing.


 55-2-children inflatable toys


1. Please take off your shoes and enter the venue.


2. Large-scale inflatable amusement toys are suitable for children aged 3 to 12, and children under 8 need to be accompanied by their parents to play.


3. Please do not bring any metal and other hard materials into the venue to avoid stabbing yourself or others.


4. Do not eat any food in the venue, so as not to bounce and cause accidents such as throat stuck and food entering the nasal cavity.


5. Do not jump outwards when playing at the edge of the field, so as to avoid accidents when jumping out of the field.


6. Pay attention to site hygiene.


7. Patients with heart disease and brain diseases play moderately.


8. Games and entertainment, safety is important.


9. When there are too many children inside, don't let other children go in, avoid the inflatable toy load, so as to extend the life of the inflatable toy.



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