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What can the sun do to my inflatable boat?

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The energy from the sun keep our Earth work. Without it, creatures on the Earth are going to perish. However, the heat and ultraviolet radiation emitted by the sun can be detrimental to you and your inflatable equipment. The sun radiation is likely to cause over-inflation to your inflatable products such as inflatable boat, inflatable life ring and blow up floats by heating the air in the tubes and damage the PVC material.



To avoid over-inflation, you should get a good pressure gauge and use it regularly to make sure your boat is at a safe pressure. You can choose the pressure gauge according to the manufacturers or friends recommendation.


Here are some tips on how to adjust the pressure in the inflatable tubes based on changes in weather.


If you pump up your boat in the morning when it is cool, you should take the rising daytime temperature into account. You can either pump the boat to the pressure level lower than the recommended level or release some of the air out of the tube when the temperature rises in the noon.

On the contrary, if you pump your boat in the middle of the hot day, you might need to repump the boat when the temperature drops at dusk as the air pressure might fall.

What does a correctly inflated boat look and feel like?


When the boat is correctly inflated, it is hard on the surface and you can feel that it is bloated. You can use the well-known thumb deflection to test the air pressure.


1. Place your thumb on the top center of the tube, and press down using just your thumb.


2. It should depress about 1/2″ (1.2 cm).


3. If you can’t press down that far, your boat may be over-inflated.


4. Vice versa, if you can press down way further, your air pressure is still low.


UV damage

The ultraviolet radiation from the sun can really damage your equipment. The chemical bonds of the material breaks when it absorbs the ultraviolet radiation, which might leads to cracking, fading and discoloration. Fortunately, you can solve the problem easily with aerospace protectant. By applying this to your equipment, the amount of ultraviolet radiation absorbed by your gear will be reduced at least by half. Besides, it is non-toxic, safe and easy to use.


Protecting Your Eyes and Skin from the Sun

When you go boating, remember to take sunscreens and sunglasses with you. Without sunscreens, you might get sunburns from the strong radiation and long time explosion to extreme sunlight can even cause cancer. And your sunglasses can keep your vision clear and protect your eyes. Do not try your luck! Protect yourself and people around you. If you're going to be in direct sunlight for an extended period, always remember to reapply every hour or two because sun breaks down its effectiveness over time.


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