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What is a Baby Swimming Ring?

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The swimming ring is similar to the inflatable lifebuoy toy and is used in the water. Blowing in the air, the swimming ring has buoyancy. Swimming ring can be used to assist learning to swim. This inflatable swimming ring will help reduce the risks associated with infant swimming. Generally, parents who prefer to avoid swimming with their babies can also use a safety swimming ring to rest assured. When you use the "baby inflatable buoy swimming ring", you can completely eliminate the fear and risk of teaching your baby to swim.


The specially designed swimming ring ensures that the baby enjoys fun, free and safe swimming time. The inflatable float is flexible, durable and environmentally friendly. It is recommended for babies over 3 months old.


Allowing your baby to swim is a fun way to keep your baby strong and healthy. At first, this kind of physical exercise may seem scary, but you can enjoy many benefits from it.


 59-1-inflatable lifebuoy toy

Advantages and Disadvantages of Baby Swimming Ring


1. The price is cheap, the patterns are good-looking, and are loved by children and young fashionable men and women.

2. The baby inflatable swimming ring is easy to carry and blow when you use it and take it out in the swimming pool to play. When not in use, put the gas away and put it away.



1. The weight is too light to throw accurately.

2. Poor pressure resistance, easy to break and leak.

3. The plastic surface will become slippery when exposed to water, making it difficult to grasp.

4. Some swimming rings are Three Nothing products (no factory name, no factory address, no brand model)


 59-2-inflatable swimming ring

Buying Guidance

The quality of life-saving equipment is very important, so don't be careless. The general inflatable swimming ring is just a kind of water inflatable toy, which is different from the lifebuoy. The real lifebuoy and life jacket have clear requirements for the physical and chemical properties of foam, plastic, etc., and the strength of the product. There are certain specifications for hardness. Therefore, it is best to check for safety signs when buying. Self-made life-saving equipment must ensure that the material is wear-resistant and has good buoyancy.


If you are swimming in a shallow swimming pool, the requirements for life-saving equipment are not great, and the swimming ring can still meet the demand. However, before swimming, whether it is a swimming ring or a formal life-saving facility, carefully check it to see if there are any leaks, cracks, etc..


For the foam swimming gear, you must look at its surroundings to be relatively intact. There should be no damage. In accordance with the relevant regulations of the "Safety Technical Requirements for Inflatable Water Toys", toy inflatable swimming rings sold in the market must be marked with safety prompts such as "non-life-saving equipment, which must be used by children under adult supervision" in a prominent position. Be sure to check the logo and never buy "Three Nothing" products. At the same time, pay attention to request and save the invoice when purchasing. To avoid accidents, all inflatable swimming rings should not be over-inflated or filled with high-pressure gas. Do not touch sharp objects during carrying or inflation. Do not use it in deep seas or rapids. If it is left for too long, the swimming ring will slowly degas, so be careful to inflate at any time. Brighten your eyes when you buy a swimming ring. For swimming rings made of automobile rubber inner tubes, experts believe that most of these swimming rings are rough in texture, with long and hard valves, which can easily cause damage to the skin and are not suitable for swimming rings.


Inflatable water toys such as swimming rings are not suitable for children of any age. General inflatable swimming rings are suitable for children over 5 years old and adults, various sitting swimming rings are suitable for children aged 2 to 4 years. In addition, remember not to use the plastic inflatable swimming ring in the deep water area or in the natural river, lake, or sea to avoid accidents.


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