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What is the Development Trend of Water Parks?

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In the hot summer, many adults will bring their children to the water park to play. In the water park, they will dress children inflatable vest and go to play inflatable toy water slide. So, how do such a project that is popular with children develop? Next, let’s take a look at some of the major development trends of the water park.



1. Polarization

Polarization means that the positioning of children's water parks will develop between maximization and minimization. Part of the children's water park will develop into a resort area with children's water park and land park. The advantage of maximization lies in the mature industry chain supporting facilities such as hotels, catering, and retail. Tourists generally take the itinerary for a holiday of more than 2 days. The other part of the children's water park is focused on the surrounding market within an hour's drive, with better positioning, more distinctive features, and in-depth exploration of tourism culture, which can more specifically meet the fragmented needs of surrounding residents.



2. Intelligentization

Intelligentization means paying attention to the seamless connection between online and offline. On the one hand, it needs to pay attention to building a more efficient and convenient booking channel, on the other hand, it should pay more attention to the interaction between online and offline.


The real-time sharing of the park situation, the online visual simulation tour in the park, and the online display of park products can all provide reference for tourists' choices. In addition, by developing smart terminals, such as smart wristbands, which are worn by tourists for free, all the needs of tourists can be operated on it, such as stored value, reservation of meals, park tours, and inquiries on the queue status of play items.


The payment methods will also be smarter. Cash, credit card, Tenpay, and future science fiction films such as face swiping, fingerprint swiping, and iris scanning may all become reality. In the future, the children's water park will be evaluated based on the satisfaction of tourists.


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3. Digitization

The direct method is to obtain a large amount of data through various channels and analyze customer needs in depth, so as to specify more targeted marketing strategies that meet the needs. Companies should use long-term data accumulation to predict the sales of catering in the park according to weather conditions and reservations, and allocate staff rationally. Based on the big data analysis of the entire industry and the level of big data analysis, we can judge the changes of consumer groups, understand the ideas in the minds of new customers.



4. Customization

Customization is the transformation of business models. Transforming to the Internet may seem simple, but it is more difficult. The important thing is to change the concept, to have user thinking, not customer thinking. Users generally have four characteristics:

1) They may not consume in your place.

2) They frequently use your services or products.

3) They establish a connection with you directly.

4) They communicate with you regularly.

Turn customers into users, use children's water parks to drive other industries, and explore potential commercial values.


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