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What is the Difference Between Commercial Inflatables and Residential Inflatables?

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Picking out the right inflatable products can be an important decision for any buyer. Whether you’re wanting a bounce house, moonwalk, jumper, or a bouncy castle, there are thousands of varieties and sizes in the market today at competing costs. We recommend buying modern entertainment inflatables based on how much use you want out of your unit, whether it is buying an inflatable for a one time birthday party or  for a rental business. There are two types of inflatables, commercial & residential. Residential inflatables are bounce houses you find in large stores, which tend to be cheaper in quality & cost, while commercial grade inflatables are manufactured by companies which have longevity and are durable. This article mainly introduces the difference between commercial inflatables and residential inflatables.




Residential inflatables are meant for personal use. They tend to be much smaller and focus on a single feature. For example, a residential inflatable might be only an inflatable bouncy house or an inflatable slide. It might only be a small splash center. It won’t likely be two or more of these. Unless, of course, homeowners are purchasing commercial models for home use.


The extra strength of commercial grade inflatables allows them to be larger. They might have several features. Some of the largest commercial inflatables have many sections sporting many features. This extra size is great for entertaining large numbers of people at once. The downside is that it makes these inflatables harder to put away. It takes two or more people to fold and store larger inflatables. That is why they’re perfect for commercial use but not so perfect for residential use. Businesses have the extra manpower to work with industrial-sized inflatables.


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Capacity refers to how many people can use an inflatable at the same time. Some models represent this as an actual number figure. Others represent their capacity with a weight limit.


Residential inflatables have a significantly smaller capacity than commercial models. A residential inflatable might be for one to six children. Going over the capacity can pose serious safety risks. A commercial grade inflatable products can have a capacity ten times higher than residential inflatables. They might be able to support up to or exceeding a thousand pounds in certain circumstances. Commercial inflatables are almost always okay for at least one to two adults to use, too.




The inflatables bought for personal use are made from one of two common materials. These include heavy-duty nylon or polyester oxford. Polyester oxford is sometimes referred to as Oxford cloth. Commercial models are typically made with heavy-duty PVC vinyl. PVC vinyl is a much stronger material. This strength allows a commercial inflatable to be larger or support more “extras.”


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There is a big benefit to commercial inflatables being stronger. It allows them to support “extras”, which residential counterparts cannot do.


As mentioned above, a residential inflatable likely focuses on a single feature. It might be a bouncy house, a slide, or splash zone, but it isn’t going to be all three. A commercial-grade inflatable can support a lot of extras. This does cost extra money. But businesses are often willing to pay more for the ability to entertain more people at a time.


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