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Why Do Water Amusement Projects Have Off-peak Seasons?

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A water park is an amusement park that features water play areas, such as water slides, splash pads, spray grounds (water playgrounds), lazy rivers, or other recreational bathing, swimming, and bare footing environments, at the same time, it is also a place equipped with various inflatable toy equipment, there are many funny inflatable toys, such as inflatable toy whale, inflatable t rex toy, inflatable ocean toys, etc. Water parks in more current development states may also be equipped with some type of artificial surfing or body boarding environment such as a wave pool or Flow Rider.


However, water amusement projects have a distinct off-peak season. One reason is that some water amusement projects spend almost all of their energy on water equipment (such as building a spacious venue for a water park and adding high-tech water amusement equipment and invariably ignore the onshore (land) construction. This is the biggest reason why domestic tourist attractions with water as the main tourist attraction are troubled by the off-peak season. In addition, there are other factors, such as natural factors, national holiday systems, and product composition.


1. Why does the water park have an obvious off-peak season?

Generally speaking, scenic spots with water as the main tourist attraction are easily restricted by natural factors such as region, climate, and seasonal changes. According to the psychological survey of tourists, when developing water parks, rafting, seaside and other tourism projects, tourists are not willing to touch the water when the water temperature (temperature) is lower than 27℃. For hot spring projects, tourists who have an external temperature higher than 25℃ will hesitate to move forward, and the willingness to enter the water is significantly reduced. Compared with a comprehensive cluster of tourist attractions, in the past, the product composition of hot springs, seasides, rafting, and water parks was relatively single, which made normal operations become difficult when these tourist attractions facing irresistible natural factors, and the bottleneck of the off-peak season cannot be broken.


At the same time, the national vacation system will also have a certain impact on the off-peak season. China’s vacation system makes our travel time relatively concentrated, which forms the off-peak season of tourist attractions.



2. Obviously adverse effects on scenic spots during off-peak seasons.

The unfavorable impact of obvious off-peak season on the scenic spot is reflected in all aspects of scenic spot management. Generally speaking, scenic spots have a certain capacity during planning and construction. During the peak season, due to the influx of a large number of tourists, it puts great pressure on the transportation, water supply, power supply, protection of tourist facilities, hotel reception, and tourist safety in the scenic area. Over-loaded operation and over-capacity load make tourists unable to get a comfortable sightseeing environment, and their interest in tourism will be affected, and the evaluation of scenic spots will be greatly reduced. During the off-peak season, various facilities in the scenic area, such as hotel rooms, amusement facilities, restaurants and other resources, are largely idle, making it difficult to arrange personnel. Many facilities will also depreciate due to idleness. The unsustainable operation of the scenic spot also affects the subsequent investment and healthy development.


 26-2-inflatable toy equipment

3. The off-peak season of water amusement projects gradually disappear.

However, after years of exploration in the tourism industry, many measures aimed at eliminating the off-peak season and extending business hours for water amusement projects have been successful. The off-peak season of water amusement projects is gradually disappearing, which is manifested in man-made water park projects.


In addition, the clustered comprehensive development of tourism products is also an important measure to avoid the serious impact of water amusement projects in the off-peak season. The so-called integrated development of clusters means that through the creation of different tourism themes, the advantages of clustering of scenic spots are formed, the product line of scenic spots is extended, and the single product of scenic spots with water elements is broken. At the same time, it is equipped with catering, hotels, commerce, etc., and diversified entertainment projects and diversified supporting facilities, which can break through the disadvantages of single-form development of water amusement projects. In the seasons that are not suitable for water play, tourists can visit other tourism projects in the scenic area. For the entire scenic area, the proportion of water projects will decrease, and the operating impact of the scenic area will be minimized due to the distinct off-peak season.


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