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Why Inflatables Are Good for Your Team Building Activities?

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You may have read many articles, saying that inflatable trampolines and sports games are suitable for children’s birthday parties, company team building, etc. But you don’t understand why these adult inflatable units differ from other common team games. Before planning an event for the company’s team building day, you need to understand all about team building and why it is so important to the corporate culture. The purpose of team building activities is to make your employees understand each other, so that they can successfully complete business tasks through smooth communication. Nowadays, various inflatable structures have proved worth your time and money to help your team grow. This article mainly explains why inflatable toys are good for your team building activities.



1. Help You with Teamwork and Communication

Good communication and teamwork may be the most important for the team to successfully achieve the same goal. What kind of inflatable units and games are good for this? The inflatable bubble football is a good example. Participants of the two teams put on inflatable bubble ball suits and then play a fun football game. It's simple, but very interesting. People are covered by a huge bubble, so the chance of being hurt is much less. They kick the ball and run around the field to score. You can choose to meet other people on purpose. No other team game is so fun without worrying about getting injured on the football field.


 50-2-inflatable playing toys

2. Help Everyone Exercise and Stay Healthy

For employees who sit in front of a computer for eight hours a day, obesity and physical health are issues that need more and more attention. Therefore, it is a good idea to present some physical limit test challenges on the day of team building. The huge inflatable obstacle course is here. The extreme challenge or other themed obstacle course composed of different inflatable devices may exceed 100 meters! How crazy is that? Each obstacle unit faces different challenges. People have to crawl, run, jump, climb and finally slide down.


Inflatable playing toys can protect you from crazy jumping injuries to increase your heart rate and improve breathing. Some obstacle challenges are also conducive to balance and hand-eye coordination. Friendly competition between each other helps to increase the positive atmosphere. Waiting in line for your turn can help everyone wait patiently. The inflatable obstacle course is suitable for children and adults, so it is definitely suitable for company team building activities or year-end parties.



3. Help Everyone Play Together

Everyone likes to have fun. In fact, spending happy time together may be the most important reason employees want to participate in team building activities instead of having to participate. Serotonin can actually explain the positive resonance within you, which means "happiness hormone" in the ordinary tongue. Feeling good about yourself is an important step towards positive mental health. Mental health is as important as physical health. Now you can use the inflatable device at the same time.


The above is how inflatables can benefit your team building activities. See more inflatable interactive games for team building exercises. Come to us to find the most suitable inflatables, such as inflatable toy water slide, inflatable toy rifle, inflatable camping sofa, etc.


inflatable device: 充气安全装备
Hip inflatable device: 臀部充气装置
Optional Inflatable Device: 可选配充气装置


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