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Why Winter is a Great Time to Learn to Swim?

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Swimming has always been a popular sport, and it is a good way to temper people's will and exercise. Swimming can not only improve cardiovascular function, enhance physical fitness, improve physical coordination, but also bring psychological pleasure.


But for some special group, they should pay attention to the body condition and water condition when swimming. The resistance of female reproductive system is weak during menstruation. Swimming can easily cause bacteria to enter the uterus and fallopian tubes, causing infections. The defense barrier of the vagina and uterus is weakened, and the resistance is significantly reduced. Swimming is not suitable during this period. Patients suffering from vaginitis, acute cervicitis, acute pelvic inflammatory disease, and urinary tract infections are best not to go swimming. When swimming in natural waters, avoid rushing into the water. It is not advisable to swim under complicated conditions around the waters to avoid accidents.


Most people think swimming in summer is good, but how about swimming in winter?


When swimming in winter, the water temperature irritates the surface of human skin and can better promote blood circulation. It can be seen that swimming is not only a sport suitable for the four seasons, but also a sport that requires long-term persistence. Let’s find out more about whether it is suitable to learn to swim in winter.


Winter is of course suitable for learning to swim, because winter swimming is part of the fitness method. Winter swimming has many benefits. It is the most uninteresting season of the year, so few people choose to swim in cold weather. In fact, the cold and dry seasons are more suitable for swimming, and the fitness value of swimming in winter is much higher than that in summer.


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Benefits of Swimming in Winter

1. It Helps Blood Circulation Throughout the Body

When swimming, water can massage the body. When the skin is cold, it can cause vasoconstriction to prevent and reduce the occurrence of arteriosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in middle-aged and elderly people.


2. It Improves Cold Resistance and Immunity

Swimming promotes metabolism, thereby improving the body's ability to resist the cold, thus preventing respiratory diseases.


3. It Enhances the Function of Respiratory Organs

The density of water is 800 times greater than that of air. People have to bear a lot of pressure when swimming. Therefore, the breathing muscles must work hard to overcome the pressure of water to deepen breathing, thereby enhancing the ability to adapt to environmental stimuli and reducing the occurrence of diseases.


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4. It Has Obvious Physical Fitness and Anti-aging Effects

From the age of 20, even the best lung capacity begin to "shrink" slowly. By the age of 40, shortness of breath becomes normal. The reason may be that the muscles and chest cavity that control breathing become stiff, making it more difficult for the lungs to function. The best exercise to exercise vital capacity is swimming, which can increase vital capacity and delay aging.


5. It is a Good Weight Loss Exercise

Among various weight loss exercises, swimming is a recommended exercise for everyone. People who often swim are more fit, with well-developed chest muscles and streamlined figures. Those who can't swim, bubble in the water and fight water fights, have a little effect on weight loss.


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