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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore the Super Inflatables?

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Super inflatable equipment refers to a series of giant inflatable equipment suitable for children and adults. Unlike other bounce houses, they will not appear out of place at parties where most guests are adults, and will provide hours of entertainment for people of all ages. These super inflatable facilities include giant inflatable obstacle course, highest inflatable water slide, largest inflatable playground, giant inflatable water park, etc.


When people plan activities, parties or gatherings for all ages, they usually consider renting a bouncy castle for children's entertainment. Few people think that they should also arrange some inflatable entertainment activities for adults, because in their subconscious, they think that adults are not suitable for playing inflatable trampolines. This is why people often overlook the super inflatable equipment in party rental companies. If you want to entertain all people attending a party with a rented inflatable device, then this is the most interesting device in any party and event. This article mainly introduces the benefits of large inflatable products.



1. They Have Various Designs Suitable for Various Occasions

These super inflatable devices include many types and designs. Although jumping castles only provide airbags for children so that they can safely jump up and down, these huge inflatable structures are designed to be more interactive and can take advantage of other sports abilities. For example, if you want to attract eyeballs for the grand opening of the store in this hot summer, then the super inflatable water slide with portable swimming pool is the perfect combination, whether children and adults, boys and girls can enjoy the pleasure of vertical falling and splashing fun. Through different designs, you can always find the most suitable inflatable equipment for your special occasion.


 89-2-super inflatable equipment

2. They Are Suitable for All Ages

Every adult wants to jump in a bouncy jumping castle like a child when attending a children’s birthday party. However, for safety reasons, even if the inflatable jumper is specially designed for adults with super high quality, adults are not allowed to jump with children. One of the disadvantages of most elastic castles is that they are only suitable for children of a certain age.


At summer parties, with super inflatable equipment like giant inflatable water slides, you no longer need to worry about guests’ entertainment. This 40 or 50 foot high inflatable water slide is the perfect place for party entertainment and there is no age limit. This means that when you plan to host senior gatherings such as teenage birthdays, high school celebrations, community carnivals, etc., it's time to shift your eyes from ordinary hopscotch to these super inflatable devices.



3. They Are As Affordable As Castle Jumping

Of course, if you compare the bouncy castle with the super inflatable obstacle course, the price of the super inflatable will be more expensive. Because you are renting or buying a giant inflatable structure that can accommodate hundreds of people, not a jumping castle that can only accommodate a few children. In terms of size, the huge inflatable obstacle course may be 10 or 20 times larger than the bounce house. However, whether you rent or buy this super inflatable product, I assure you that its cost will never exceed 10 or 20 times that of a bounce house. In fact, due to marginal cost, super inflation is much cheaper than small inflation. You don’t want to spend a small amount of money on a large event at a family gathering, do you?



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